Project Description


bezpečnostné zábrany novatek

The Novatek system was created to offer a solution in steel costs, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and robust; ideal for those who need to delimit dangerous areas.

The visibility of the segregated area is a strong point of this product; the combination of net and black coloring improves the vision the dangerous area. Scratch resistance is guaranteed by a special black paint.


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The panels can be used even as doors. Rapid installation: Thanks to Quick Novatek.


The innovative system of the net and its black color permit an optimal visibility of the machinery.


The panels contain strong and solid frames; the posts have welded plates. Elegance: The net is welded internally to the profile. 


bezpečnostné zábrany novatek rozmery


Rozmer panelov

Code Width (base) Height (H)
PNNA001 250 950
PNNA002 400
PNNA003 700
PNNA004 1000
PNNA005 1200
PNNA006 1500
PNNA030 250 1300
PNNA031 400
PNNA032 700
PNNA033 1000
PNNA034 1200
PNNA035 1500
PNNA007 250 H 1500
PNNA008 400
PNNA009 700
PNNA010 1000
PNNA011 1200
PNNA012 1500
PNNA020 2970
PNNA013 250 1900
PNNA014 400
PNNA015 700
PNNA016 1000
PNNA017 1200
PNNA018 1500
PNNA019 2970

Post sizes

Code Height (H) Post Plate
MT111 1050 40×40 100×180
MT114 1400 40×40 100×180
MT112 1600 40×40 100×180
MT113 2000 40×40 100×180
MT115 2560 40×40 100×180
KRMT001KA102ZN Kit leveling for posts 40×40 – 40×80
MT500 1050 40×80 100×180
MT503 1400 40×80 100×180
MT501 1600 40×80 100×180
MT502 2000 40×80 100×180
MT504 2560 40×80 100×180
MT505 2960 40×80 100×180
MT506 3110 40×80 100×180
KRMT001KA102ZN Kit leveling for posts 40×40 – 40×80
MT211 1050 80×80 150×150
MT214 1400 80×80 150×150
MT212 1600 80×80 150×150
MT213 2000 80×80 150×150
MT215 2560 80×80 150×150
MT216 2960 80×80 150×150
MT217 3110 80×80 150×150
KA201ZN KF100 Kit leveling for posts
bezpečnostné zábrany novatek rozmery


bezpečnostné zábrany novatek doplnok

Telescopic post

This post can be adjusted easily in adverse ground conditions and with large inclinations.

bezpečnostné zábrany novatek doplnok

Intermediate support

This support substitutes the post and it is used specially for long distances. It guarantees good resistance to impact and cost optimization.

bezpečnostné zábrany novatek doplnok

Cut kit panel

It is used to modify and adapt the panels in site.

bezpečnostné zábrany novatek doplnok

Fastening system

In accordance with existing rules the new kit NOVATEK captive screws are easy to install, inexpensive and is available on request.

bezpečnostné zábrany novatek doplnok

Special panels

We can create special panels through inner carpentry dedicated to special.

bezpečnostné zábrany novatek doplnok

panel kit inclination

This accessory allows to make angles from 30° to 180°.

bezpečnostné zábrany novatek doplnok


On request we offer a customized business door logo. This is an important customization in order to add value to modular protection systems.

bezpečnostné zábrany novatek doplnok

Leveling kit

For uprights 40×40 – 40×80. This kit allows to vertically adjust the posts.


Installation video


Increasingly infill has become a requirement, therefore we wanted to present a wide range of possibilities.

Net + PVC

Net + metal sheet

Metal sheet + metal sheet


PVC + metal sheet